Sarah Sutton

Sarah SuttonWe are delighted to be able to announce that Sarah Sutton will be joining us for Whooverville XI at Derby QUAD on Saturday 31st August.

Sarah’s acting career began at the age of seven, when she played Roo in a theatre production of Winnie the Pooh. By the age of eleven she had landed a number of TV roles, including in “Menace: Boys and Girls Come Out to Play” (1973), “Late Call” (1974) and “Oil Strike North” (1975). Her biggest success came when she won the lead in the children’s drama serial “The Moon Stallion” (1978).

In 1981, she was cast in the role of Nyssa in the Doctor Who story The Keeper of Traken joining the TARDIS crew in the following story Legopolis and remaining as companion to the Fourth and Fifth Doctors until 1983′s Terminus. Over the past twenty years, she has played Nyssa many times in audio productions for Big Finish.

It will be a great pleasure to welcome Sarah back to Derby. We are sure you will agree that her addition to our guest-list completes a very impressive Whooverville line-up.

John Levene & Geoffrey Beevers

John LeveneGeoffrey BeeversWe are delighted to be able to announce two more sponsored guests for Whooverville XI.
Our good friends and long-time supporters Fantom Films, will be bringing us two great guests, who are also old friends of Whoovervile: JOHN LEVENE and GEOFFREY BEEVERS.

John is of course well known as UNIT stalwart Sergeant Benton, a role he has returned to in recent years for Big Finish. This year his autobiography Run the Shadows Walk the Sun has been published by Fantom. John will be selling signed copies of his book (£20) and will sign one free item in addition. Signed photos will be available for £10 each.

Geoffrey, who is a Big Finish regular as the Master, a role he originally played in the Doctor Who story, The Keeper of Traken will be launching a new book (so in all there will be four to choose from!) each priced £12 (signed), and he will also sign one free item per book purchased.

Our thanks go to Dexter and Paul at Fantom for their continued support of our event. We look forward to welcoming them as well as John and Geoffrey back to Derby QUAD on August 31st.

David J Howe and Sam Stone

David J HoweSam Stone We are delighted to be able to announce that our good friends DAVID J. HOWE and SAM STONE will be once again be joining us in the dealers’ and traders’ room for Whooverville XI.

Sam Stone began her professional writing career in 2007 when her first novel won the Silver Award for Best Novel with ForeWord Magazine Book of the Year Awards. Since then she has gone on to write several novels, three novellas and many short stories. She was the first woman in 31 years to win the British Fantasy Society Award for Best Novel. She also won the Award for Best Short Fiction in the same year (2011).

David J. Howe is best known for his many written works of non-fiction on Doctor Who. He is the UK’s leading historian on the subject, and has one of the biggest collections of Who memorabilia in the world. Along with Stephen James Walker, he is Managing Director and Editor at Telos Publishing, renowned for their publishing work covering TV and Film as well as many outstanding fiction titles.

Whooverville attendees will be able to buy a range of Telos publications, many at reduced prices.
David J Howe Sam Stone

Stephen Gallagher

Stephen GallagherWe are very pleased to announce that the fabulous writer of Warrior’s Gate and Terminus STEPHEN GALLAGHER will be joining us at Whooverville XI at Derby QUAD on Saturday August 31st.
Stephen has written many novels and television scripts, including his two Doctor Who stories.
He wrote for Bugs, for two seasons of which he was script consultant. He adapted his own novel Chimera as a miniseries for ITV and directed the adaptation of Oktober, as well as writing the feature-length episode The Kingdom of Bones for the BBC series Murder Rooms. He also developed and wrote a science-based series for ITV, Eleventh Hour, starring Patrick Stewart as a government science investigator and advisor. A US version was also produced in 2007
Life Line, broadcast in 2007, was a two-part supernatural mystery and Stephen was later lead writer and story supervisor on NBC’s 13-part series Crusoe, screened in 2008/2009. He has more recently written episodes of Stan Lee’s Lucky Man.
This year Stephen has returned to Doctor Who, adapting his original scripts for Warrior’s Gate for a more complete audiobook version for BBC Audio’s Target Book range; and adapting his unmade Fifth Doctor script Nightmare Country for the forthcoming return of Big Finish’s Lost Stories range.
We look forward very much to welcoming Stephen to Whooverville.

Sophia Myles

Sophia MylesSophia has accepted our invitation to join us at Whooverville XI.
Sophia is the fabulous actress who so memorably brought to life the character of Mme. de Pompadour in the 2006 Hugo Award winning episode of Doctor Who, The Girl in the Fireplace, written by Steven Moffat.
Beyond Doctor Who, she is known for her roles in a number of films, including From Hell; Underworld; Out of Bounds; Tristan & Isolde; Hallam Foe, for which she received a BAFTA Scotland Award; and Transformers: Age of Extinction. She notably played Lady Penelope in the movie version of Thunderbirds.
Her TV roles on both sides of the Atlantic have included Lucy Westenra in a BBC adaptation of Dracula; Freya in Outlander; Beth Bailey in Spooks and Beth Turner in Moonlight

Recently Sophia has provided voices for the new Gerry Anderson series Firestorm.


Simon Fisher-Becker

Simon Fisher-BeckerOur good friends at M&M Famous Faces are bringing an old friend back to us as their guest -  Simon Fisher-Becker.

Simon played Dorium Maldovar in the Doctor Who stories The Pandorica Opens, A Good Man Goes to War, The Wedding of River Song, and for Big Finish in the Eleventh Doctor Chronicles story The Light Keepers.
Also for Big Finish he played the Time Lord Science Minister Kavil in series 5 of Gallifrey; and voiced Lift in the Iris Wildthyme story A Lift in Time
Beyond Doctor Who, he is known for appearing in the popular Harry Potter film franchise as The Fat Friar, and for playing the Fat Controller from Thomas the Tank Engine for ten years.
We thank our friend and regular contributor Matthew Campbell for arranging this.

Rob Richie

Rob RitchieRob is a 3D animator and compositor, who since 2016 has been a key member of the team that has brought us the fully animated The Power of the Daleks, Shada and most recently, The Macra Terror. Rob has been responsible for building and animating 3D elements, as well as compositing character animations with background artwork.

Ralph Watson

Ralph WatsonRalph has worked extensively in theatre, television and film for over fifty years and continues to do so today. His many credits include appearances in The Three Musketeers, Softly Soflty, Dixon of Dock Green, Some Mothers Do ‘Ave ‘Em, Porridge, Sykes, When the Boat Comes In, The Fall and Rise of Reginald Perrin, Dave Allen at Large, Z-Cars, The Liver Birds, To the Manor Born, Sink or Swim, Auf Wiedersehen, Pet, The Bill, Agatha Christie’s Poirot, London’s Burning and Casualty

In the ’60s and ’70s he appeared in four Doctor Who television stories alongside three Doctors, with Patrick Troughton twice. He played an uncredited Generator Scientist in The Underwater Menace (DWM 209), Captain Knight in The Web of Fear, Ettis in The Monster of Peladon and Ben Travers in Horror of Fang Rock.

He has recently returned to the role of Captain Knight for the forthcoming Big Finish release, The Diary of River Song Volume 6. We very much look forward to welcoming Ralph back to Derby.

Michael E Briant

Michael E BriantOur friend the splendid Ian Kubiak of Cygnus Alpha will be bringing Michael E Briant as his guest to Whooverville this year.

Michael is a television director, producer and actor, best known for his work as a director for BBC television drama in the 1970s and 1980s.
At the age of 21 he joined the BBC as an assistant floor manager in the drama department and a year later became a Production Assistant. In 1966, he took a Directors Course and he subsequently directed series such as Z-Cars and Doctor Who.
For Doctor Who, he directed a total of six serials: Colony in Space, The Sea Devils, The Green Death, Death to the Daleks, Revenge of the Cybermen and The Robots of Death. He went on to direct several episodes from the first season of Blake’s 7 in 1978, and Secret Army between 1978 and 1979. He later directed four of the six episodes of its sequel, Kessler, and the thriller series Blood Money, in which he cast many of the actors from Secret Army.
Michael’s other work included a BBC adaptation of Robert Louis Stevenson’s Treasure Island, the Emmy-award-winning BBC adaptation of Charles Dickens’s story A Tale of Two Cities, the feature film Tangiers, the series Hideaway and many more productions, including Howards’ Way and EastEnders.
Michael has been involved with DVD releases of his Doctor Who episodes, appearing on various documentaries and commentary tracks and has also become a successful author. His fascinating autobiography Who is Michael Briant? was published by Classic Press and he has also written several books about his passion, sailing.

Keith Barnfather

Keith BarnfatherKeith founded Reeltime Pictures in 1984, and released the first of the on-going series of Myth Makers interviews in the same year, initially on VHS and latterly on DVD and now as downloads too. 
Now thirty-five years and nearly 140 Myth Maker releases later, the range continues as strong as ever; together with any number of Doctor Who focused documentaries and spin-off dramas, including 2018′s wonderful The White Witch of Devil’s End, featuring Damaris Hayman and the forthcoming Sil and the Devil Seeds of Arodor, due out this autumn, starring Whooverville XI guests Nabil Shaban and Christopher Ryan.
Keith will be bringing his Reeltime stall to the dealers’ and traders’ room at Whooverville and will probably also be taking part in an on-stage panel.


James Burgess

James_BurgessJames will again be with us at Whooverville. You will remember the sickeningly young and talented model and costume maker James from previous Whoovervilles, when he enlivened things in a variety of monster costumes, including a fabulous Zygon and Sensorite. Since last year, James and his dad Mike have been involved in the making of the remake of Mission to the Unknown at the University of Central Lancashire. Our plan is for James to tell us about his experiences and show us some behind the scenes pictures from that production. It’s always a pleasure to welcome James back to Whooverville.


Edward Russell

Edward_RussellEdward was Brand Manager for Doctor Who from 2006 to 2017, working alongside both Russell T. Davies and Steven Moffat, across all commercial and non-core activity associated with the show – from Blue Peter Competitions to Children in Need; as well as working with licensees on everything from books and magazines to action figures and T-shirts. In 2013, he helped mastermind the 50th Anniversary celebrations, including the enormous Doctor Who Festival at the ExCel in London.

Christopher Ryan

Christopher_RyanChris is best known to the general viewing public for his roles as Mike in the BBC comedy series The Young Ones; Tony Driscoll in Only Fools and Horses; and Edina Monsoon’s ex-husband Marshall Turtle in Absolutely Fabulous; as well as for appearances in many shows such as Bottom, One Foot in the Grave, Mr Bean, My Family and Saxondale. One of the highlights of his stage career was appearing alongside Rik Mayall and Adrian Edmondson in Beckett’s Waiting for Godot in London’s West End in 1991,.
Of course, to Doctor Who fans he will be remembered as the Mentor Lord Kiv in The Trial of a Time Lord: Mindwarp in 1986 and as two Sontarans: General Staal in 2008’s, The Sontaran Stratagem and The Poison Sky; and Commander Stark in the 2010 episode The Pandorica Opens.
Christopher has recently recorded an interview for the legendary Myth Makers DVD series from Reeltime Pictures and is set to reprise his role as Lord Kiv alongside fellow Whooverville guest and Mindwarp co-star Nabil Shaban in Sil and The Devil Seeds of Arodor, also from Reeltime.

Chris Chapman

Chris_ChapmanChris will be joining us for Whooverville XI. Chris is a director and producer, who has made many contributions to the Doctor DVD and Blu-ray ranges, including Who Peter, a documentary about the relationship between Doctor Who and Blue Peter which helped Chris win a Royal Television Society Award; the wonderful Looking for Peter, in which Toby Hadoke investigated the writer Peter R Newman; as well as the follow-up films Hadoke vs HAVOC, Living With Levene, and A Weekend With Waterhouse. He also produced the animated reconstructions of episodes 2 and 3 of The Ice Warriors.
For Big Finish, Chris has written the monthly range stories The Memory Bank, The Middle and Iron Bright; and for the UNIT adventures, the story Hosts of the Wirrn.
We look forward to welcoming Chris to Derby QUAD on Saturday 31st August.

Ingrid Oliver

Ingrid OliverIngrid first came to prominence as one half of the comedy duo Watson and Oliver with school friend Lorna Watson. They first performed their show together at the Canal Cafe Theatre in London and then took sell-out shows to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, in both 2006 and 2007, before launching their TV show ‘Watson and Oliver’ in 2012.
She has appeared in various television productions, including Doc Martin, Material Girl, Twenty Twelve, Lead Balloon, Silent Witness and the Channel 4 sitcom Plus One. She played the part of Natalie in Peep Show also on Channel 4 and was Miss Stamp in the film Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging.
Ingrid first appeared in Doctor Who as Osgood in the 50th anniversary special ‘The Day of the Doctor‘, in 2013, reprising the role in the episodes ‘Death in Heaven‘, ’The Zygon Invasion‘ and ‘The Zygon Inversion‘. She has since gone on to recreate the role for Big Finish in the on-going UNIT audio series.

Nabil Shaban


Born in Amman, Jordan, Nabil came to the UK at a young age. He studied at the University of Surrey in the late 1970s. In 1997, he was awarded an Honorary Doctorate by the university for services in the promotion of Disability Arts.

Of course, he is best known to us for playing the wicked Sil in two stories during the Sixth Doctor era: Vengeance on Varos (1985) and Mindwarp (1986). He reprised the role in the Big Finish audio dramas Mission to Magnus (2009) and Antidote to Oblivion (2013), both again written by Philip Martin.

He has appeared in several films, including Born of Fire (1983), City of Joy (1992), Derek Jarman’s Wittgenstein (1993), Gaias børn (1998), and Children of Men (2006), and has also worked as part of the Crass Collective. In 2011, he played the Roman emperor Constantius II at the National Theatre in Ibsen’s Emperor and Galilean.

In 2003 he made a TV documentary titled The Strangest Viking in which Nabil explored the possibility that Viking chieftain Ivar the Boneless may have had osteogenesis imperfecta, the same condition he himself has. He has also published a trilogy of Ivar the Boneless screenplays on Kindle, representing the Viking chieftain as a disabled Danish prince with brittle bones and unable to walk.

Nabil was nominated Best Actor in Scottish theatre in 2005, by the Critics’ Awards for Theatre in Scotland (CATS), for his role as Mack the Knife in Bertolt Brecht’s Threepenny Opera, a Theatre Workshop (Edinburgh) production.

Nabil’s play The First To Go premièred in May 2008, and focused on the disabled victims of the Nazi Holocaust.