Paul Cornell

Paul Cornell

Paul CornellMulti-award winning writer Paul needs very little introduction. He first came to many people’s attention through writing fan fiction in the 1980s, progressing to become a professional writer as one of the first authors of the Virgin New Adventure books, creating the enduringly popular Bernice Summerfield.

He then went on to write for the BBC Books Doctor Who range and for Big Finish and to create the online return of Doctor Who with The Scream of Shalka, a venture that was cut short by the return of Doctor Who to television in 2005. Paul was invited by Russell T. Davies to join the writing team for Series One, contributing the wonderful Father’s Day. For Series Three, he adapted one of his most successful New Adventures into the brilliant two-parter Human Nature / The Family of Blood.

Sadly that was the last we have seen of Paul as a writer of television Doctor Who, but he has continued to write for the series in comics and this year achieved an ambition by becoming a Target Novels writer, adapting Steven Moffat’s Twice Upon a Time for the revival of the range.

Paul has written episodes of Elementary, Primeval, Robin Hood, and many other TV series and has worked for every major comics publisher, including his creator-owned series Saucer State for IDW; This Damned Band for Dark Horse; Batman and Robin for DC Comics; and Wolverine and Young Avengers for Marvel Comics.

Paul’s successful series of Shadow Police novels – London Falling, The Severed Streets and Who Killed Sherlock Holmes and his ongoing Witches of Lychford series (both published by Tor) are very much recommended and his acclaimed thriller Chalk was published in 2017.