Mark Benton

Mark Benton

Mark BentonMark Benton is best known to Doctor Who fans as one of the first guest stars to appear, when the show returned to our screens in 2005 – playing conspiracy theorist Clive Finch in the episode, Rose.

Mark had earlier worked with Russell T. Davies and Christopher Eccleston, when he played the Devil in Davies’ s The Second Coming.

He has enjoyed a long and varied career since making his TV debut on Desmond’s and then Boon in 1992 going on to become one of the most recognised faces on British TV as well as one of our most versatile actors, with appearances in programmes such as Randall and Hopkirk: Deceased, Dr. Terrible’s House of Horrible, Swiss Tony, Barbara, Clocking Off, Murphy’s Law, Early Doors, Twisted Tales, Northern Lights, The Street, Waterloo Road and many more, including a memorable turn in Vic Reeves and Bob Mortimore’s brilliant but sadly short-lived Catterick.

In September 2013, Mark was one of the contestants in the eleventh series of Strictly Come Dancing, surviving until week 10.

He has had a notable recent success as Frank Hathaway, alongside Jo (Lynda with a Y) Joyner in the delightful BBC daytime detective series Shakespeare and Hathaway.