Daniel Hill

Daniel Hill

DANIEL HILL Daniel Hill is an actor best known for playing the avaricious Harvey Bains, manager of the retirement home in Waiting for God, alongside Stephanie Cole and Graham Crowden. He had earlier appeared with Martin Clunes and William Gaunt in the sitcom No Place Like Home.

He has also made appearances in several cult television programmes, most notable as Chasgo in the Blake’s 7 episode Sand and as Chris Parsons in the un-broadcast Doctor Who story Shada, on which production he met his wife Olivia.

Other notable roles have been in Secret Army, Tom Brown’s Schooldays, Terry and June, Only Fools and Horses, Tenko and, more recently, parts in Bad Girls, Hope and Glory, Judge John Deed and Rose and Maloney.

In recent years he has returned to Shada to voice the part of Chris Parsons in Ian Levine’s unofficial animation of the story and has been recently rumoured to be repeating the exercise for an official animation.

Thanks to Ian at Cygnus Alpha for bringing such a great guest to our convention – we loook forward to meeting him enormously.